Wednesday, August 26, 2009

B and E Arrest

On Tuesday, August 25, 2009 at 1:26 a.m. the Martinsburg Police Department received a business alarm at Kwik Chek located at 301 Rock Cliff Drive.
Responding officers found the glass in the front door had been broken out and another section of glass over another door had been broken. After other officers from the Martinsburg Police Department and the Berkeley County Sheriff’s Department arrived on the scene and secured the perimeter a search of the store was completed by K-9 Deputy T. Heckman of the Berkeley County Sheriff’s Department. Once it was confirmed that the suspect had left the store, the in store surveillance videos were reviewed by officers and it was found that the suspect had stolen a safe from the store.
While Sgt. T.L. Stanley and Ptlm. J. Harper(Martinsburg Police Department) and Cpl. M. Raphann(Berkeley County Sheriff’s Dept.) were tracking marks left by the safe being dragged from the scene a vehicle drove into the area, stopped and turned their lights off. Seconds later they turned their lights back on and attempted to flee the area past officers who were attempting to stop the vehicle. Just moments later the vehicle was stopped by officers from the Martinsburg Police Department, Berkeley County Sheriff’s Department and the West Virginia State Police.

The suspect was a passenger in the stopped vehicle and was still wearing clothing items that he wore during the break in. The suspect, Fuquan Hassian Nath, 35 years of age, of Harris Way, Martinsburg, WV was incarcerated in the Eastern Regional Jail to await arraignment by a Berkeley County Magistrate on felony charges of Breaking and Entering and Grand Larceny. It is believed that all item stolen in the burglary were recovered.
Fuguan Nath

Burglary Arrests

On Friday, 8-21-09 at 1800 hrs, Cpl C M Phelps responded to 104 S Maple Ave for a burglary that had just occurred. Phelps arrived and spoke with the victim / complainant, Barbara Edwards.
Edwards relayed that someone had entered her residence while she and her two grandsons were inside and taken numerous items. As the subject was leaving, Edwards confronted the male who said that he was trying to sell a video game system. Edwards demanded that the subject leave which he did by the back door. Edwards had her grandsons check to see if anything was missing from their rooms upstairs. Edwards was told that one of the grandsons was missing a Nintendo Game Cube system. This was the same game system that the male subject was trying to sell Edwards. Edwards got in her vehicle and began looking for the male while calling 911 for help. While speaking with 911 operators, Edwards located the male and watched him as he entered a residence in the area.

Phelps also learned from another area residence that the male subject had entered his residence as well and had identified himself as John.

Phelps went to the residence that the male had entered and made contact with a person who matched the physical description that Edwards had given. Phelps identified the person as John Andrew Jollon. Jollon was placed in investigative custody while additional information was obtained. Edwards positively identified Jollon as the male who was in her residence. Jollon was arrested and transported to the Martinsburg Police Department for additional processing. While at the Police Department, Jollon provided a written statement confirming that he was the male who took the game system.

Jollon provided Cpl Phelps a location where the stolen items were. Phelps also learned from the victim that she was also missing a MP3 player along with two cell phones. Phelps and Ptlm Albaugh traveled to that location, Lupita’s Grocery Store (149 N Queen St) and spoke with the owner, Jorge Silva. Silva initially stated that Jollon was there trying to sell the items but he left the store with them after Silva told him that he didn’t want to buy them. Silva eventually admitted to Phelps that he had bought the items and Phelps was able to recover the Game Cube and MP3 player. Silva paid Jollon $90.00 for the items. Phelps placed Silva under arrest for Possession / Transfer of Stolen Property along with Obstructing an Officer.

With further investigation Phelps was able to determine that the two cell phones were located with in the residence that Jollon was originally located in.
All property was recovered and returned to the owner after the investigation was completed.


John Andrew Jollon, age 45, of Polo Green Dr Martinsburg, WV
Charged with Burglary.

Jorge Alberto Silva, age 42, of Rubens Cir Martinsburg, WV
Charged with Possession / Transfer of Stolen Property and Obstructing an Officer

Friday, August 14, 2009

Bank Robbery

On Friday, August 14, 2009, at 10:13 am officers from the Martinsburg Police Department responded to the Mountain Heritage Federal Credit Union, located within the Martinsburg Mall in regards to a bank robbery that had just occurred.

From speaking with witnesses, it was advised that a black male wearing dark clothing, sunglasses and a red baseball style hat with a P emblem (Philadelphia Phillies hat), approached a teller and passed a note demanding money, while also advising verbally that he was armed with a firearm. The suspect produced two separate bags and took an undisclosed amount of currency from two tellers before leaving the bank. Witnesses also observed the suspect enter an awaiting dark in color sedan that was being driven by a second black male before leaving the area.

The suspect was described as a black male, approximately 5’7, mid 20’s to mid 30’s in age and was wearing a dark t-shirt, dark pants, sunglasses and a red Philadelphia Phillies hat. It is also believed that possibly this suspect is the same person who had committed a robbery at the same bank in May of 2009.

This incident is being investigated by members of the Martinsburg Police Department and the FBI. Anyone with information regarding this robbery are urged to contact Lt. G.B. Swartwood or Det. S.F. Doyle at 304-264-2100 or Crime Solvers at 304-267-4999.

Thursday, August 13, 2009


8/11/09 Officers responded to a shots fired in the 600 block of S. Queen Street at 11:14pm. Officers were told there was a shooting victim at 604 S. Queen Street, the male victim was found on the front porch of the residence. The victim was attended to by EMS personal from Martinsburg Fire Dept. and he was transported to City Hospital .

The victim is Shavar Thompson of 604 S Queen Street Martinsburg WV , age 25 years. Mr. Thompson said he was in the rear yard his home as he was approached by an individual and shot once in the left shoulder . This wound appears to be a thru and thru wound and is non life threatening. The victim said he did not see his attacker, only the muzzle flash of the weapon and said he had no conversation with his attacker. This was a small caliber handgun that was used in this crime and at the time of this release Mr. Shavar was still being treated at City Hospital.

Officers do not believe this was a random shooting and we want to reassure the public concerning this. Anyone with information please call Martinsburg City PD at 304 264 2100 or Crime Solvers at 304 267 4999.

Malicious Wounding Arrest

8/11/09 10:23 pm officers went to 207 N. Raleigh St to a fight involving two males. Officers arrived to find one of the males being attended to by EMS personal from Martinsburg Fire Dept. He was Daniel Callaway , 24 years old. He had obvious facial injuries and was able to say who had attacked him. Witnesses told officers the same information and officers began a search for Matthew Conner of 213 N Raleigh Street Martinsburg WV age 25. This fight was over personal property that had been taken.

Officers located Matthew Conner at 317 W. Martin Street. Conner was arrested and charged with Malicious Wounding and was taken to the Eastern Regional Jail .

Mr. Callaway at the time of this press release was still at City Hospital in Martinsburg undergoing treatment for a possible broken jaw and several lacerations to his head and face.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Battery Arrest

On Thursday, August 6, 2009, at approximately 7:20 P.M. members
of the West Virginia State Police responded to a call for a battery
in progress at 9512 Tuscarora Pike (in Berkeley County).

Upon investigation of responding Troopers, they learned that one
of the parties involved in the incident was an off-duty
City of Martinsburg police officer, John Sherman Jr.

As a result of the investigation conducted by the
West Virginia State Police, a battery warrant was obtained
from Berkeley Co. Magistrate Sandra L. Miller for John Sherman Jr.
Lt. Sherman was arraigned on this battery charge by
Magistrate Miller on Monday, August 10, 2009.
(See Berkeley Co. Magistrate Court for related documents).

In addition to the West Virginia State Police criminal investigation,
the City of Martinsburg Police Department has launched
an administrative investigation into this incident.

Based upon legal guidance by the Municipal Attorney for the
City of Martinsburg, WV, Lt. Sherman has been placed on
administrative leave with pay pending outcomes of these matters.

Issued by: Chief T.C. (Ted) Anderson