Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Shots Fired At Vehicle / Suspect Arrested

On Wednesday, April 30, 2008, officers from the Martinsburg Police Department went to the area of Martins Landing Apartment Complex for shots fired. Upon arrival, officers located and spoke with a victim, who said that he had been shot at in his vehicle.

Approximately 0145hrs, the victim was approached by two people at Wal-Mart who spoke with him briefly. A short time later the victim said that he was leaving Wal-Mart and observed the same two people get into a grey Lincoln Town car.

The victim said that he was followed by the vehicle and suspects, but was able to lose sight of them eventually. The victim then parked the vehicle in the Martins Landing Apartment Complex and then saw the Lincoln Town car coming towards him. The victim then left in his vehicle and was pursued by the Lincoln Town car. While being pursued, gun fire erupted from the Lincoln Town car which resulted in several rounds striking the victim’s vehicle. One of the rounds struck and embedded into a seat in the victim’s vehicle. The victim then fled the area unharmed and was able to contact police.

A short time later, Deputy Butcher of the Berkeley County Sheriff’s Office initiated a traffic stop on a grey Lincoln Town car after a BOLO had been issued for the vehicle. Upon stopping the vehicle, 3 occupants fled the vehicle. Officers from area agencies searched the area and were able to locate one suspect. The suspect, Travis Latta, was located hiding under a porch and two firearms were located nearby.

Later on this date, the Martinsburg Police Department charged Travis Latta with Attempted Murder and Wanton Endangerment. Mr. Latta is currently incarcerated in the Eastern Regional Jail on other charges and is awaiting arraignment on these charges. Warrants have been issued for a second suspect, who as of the time of this press release, has yet to be arrested.

Travis Latta

DOB: 10/28/87
No fixed address- in ERJ

Monday, April 28, 2008

Armed Robbery

On Monday, April 28, 2008, at 1630hrs., officers from the Martinsburg Police Department responded to the Family Dollar, located at Old Courthouse Square in Martinsburg WV for an Armed Robbery that had just occurred.

During the incident, a white male and a white female had entered the store and approached the cashier. The male demanded money from the cashier and displayed a firearm from underneath a hooded sweatshirt. The cashier placed the register on the counter, where the female removed an undisclosed amount of money. Both the male and female then left the store and fled to a vehicle, where they left the area towards Edwin Miller Boulevard.

The vehicle that the suspects fled in was described as a grey, older style passenger vehicle with Maryland registration. Suspect 1 is described as a white male, blue eyes and being in his 20’s, He was wearing a dark in color hooded sweatshirt, a dark hat, jeans and having a firearm in his possession. Suspect 2 is described as a female with blue eyes, dark hair and being approximately 5’2 and 120lbs. She was described as wearing a dark in color hooded sweatshirt, dark pajama pants and a dark hat.

Anyone with information regarding this armed robbery should contact Crime Solvers at 304-267-4999 or the Martinsburg Police Department at 304-264-2100.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Search Warrant Served

On Friday, April 25, 2008, the Martinsburg Police Department executed a search warrant at apartment # 20 in Franklin Manor Apartments, located at 700 W. Burke Street, Martinsburg WV. A small amount of paraphernalia items were seized as a result of the search warrant.

The search warrant was issued by Magistrate Bragg following a controlled purchase of narcotics from the residence on April 10, 2008. As a result of the controlled purchase, Jason Chalmers was charged and arrested in the incident. Jason Chalmers has a DOB of 12/23/76 and has no fixed address.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Malicious Wounding Arrest

On April 24th 2008 at 11:10 AM Martinsburg Police responded to 110 Centre Street Martinsburg WV for a person who alleged she was struck in the head.

Ptlm. English was able to locate the victim and later make an arrest in regards to this incident.

In a synopsis of the complaint for warrant it alleges that the victim Tammy Snow (Date of birth 11 29 65) (a Martinsburg resident) was located on scene and it was determined that she had been involved in an argument and altercation at Twiggy’s Store located at 110 Centre Street with the owner Glenville Twigg.

She said that her son and Mr. Twigg had been in an argument earlier and that she went to the store to confront him about their argument. She and Mr. Twigg then got into an argument and that a jar of candy was pushed at her and she pushed it back at Mr. Twigg. She said that as she was walking out of the store Mr. Twigg pulled a wooden club from under the counter and started to strike her. She said she was struck twice.

Ptlm. English noted that she was bleeding from the back of her head and had suffered an
open wound to the back of her head, she was transported to Martinsburg City Hospital for treatment.

A store employee and another witness were interviewed by Ptlm. English and Sgt Witt and their statements taken by police in regards to this incident. Ptlm. Rouse photographed the scene and later photographed the victim at the hospital.

Ptlm. English arrested Mr. Twigg at the store and he was transported to the Martinsburg Police Department where he was charged with Malicious Wounding and processed.

It is alleged that he provided Ptlm. English a statement in regards to the incident after he was advised of his Miranda warnings. He said that Mrs. Snow’s son came to his store and was acting hyper as if he was under the influence of something. He said they had an argument and he left. He said that Mrs. Snow then called him on the phone and they had an argument as well. He said a short time later she then came to his store. He said she entered the store and threatened him, she was yelling and swinging her arms around and then struck his counter with her hand. He then picked up his club and hit the counter and told her to leave his store. She continued to yell and act out of control. He then walked around the counter and said that Mrs. Snow struck him. He said he then struck her with the club.

He was later transported to Magistrate Court for arraignment. He was arraigned by Magistrate Sandra Miller and his bond was set at $5,000 personal recognizance.

Arrested: Glenville Lewis Twigg DOB 11 28 45 listing an address of 110 N. Centre Street Martinsburg WV.

Gun Threat at Middle School

On April 24th 2008 at approximately 8:00 AM Martinsburg Police responded to South Middle School for an alleged threat. It was advised that students had overheard someone advising that a subject may have a firearm at the school. The information could not be readily dispelled or further corroborated in the initial stages of the investigation.

Administrative officials for the school placed the school under a code Orange alert as a precaution which meant that the students and staff members would remain in their classrooms pending a school wide search of all persons as well as the entire facility until the code was lifted.

Martinsburg Police Department School Resource officer along with several members of the Martinsburg Police Department responded to the school to conduct a search of the entire facility and also performed an electric waning of the student body.

At the conclusion of the search no firearm was found and the school resumed its normal activities. The code Orange alert for the school was lifted at 10:20 AM.

The investigation is ongoing and the Martinsburg Police Department would encourage anyone with information concerning this incident or alleged threat to notify the Martinsburg Police Department at 304 264 2100 and or Berkeley County Crime Solvers at 267-4999.

The Martinsburg Police Department would like to extend their appreciation for the excellent cooperation and professionalism of the schools faculty and student body during this incident.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Murder Warrant Obtained

Martinsburg Detectives obtained a warrant for murder from State Magistrate Joan Bragg after obtaining the true identity of a suspect in regards to the shooting death of Donald Lee Redman “Dee”.

This homicide occurred on October 27th 2005 at 217 North Third Street Martinsburg WV in which the decedent suffered a fatal gunshot wound to the head and his body was subsequently dragged from the residence to the porch area of 215 North Third Street.

Martinsburg Detectives were able to identify the suspect through information and witness identification through photographs.

The suspect was identified as Kurtis Pearsall aka “Prince” aka “Kurt the Flirt” DOB 5/29/83. He is currently incarcerated at Roxbury Correctional Institution located in Hagerstown Maryland on an unrelated charge.

Det Lt GB Swartwood and Det Cpl S Doyle travelled to Roxbury Correctional Institution on 4 18 08 to personally advise the suspect of the warrant for his arrest. A detainer was later placed upon the suspect with authorization for extradition from State Prosecutor Pamela Games Neely upon his release from sentencing tentatively scheduled in 2012.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Two Added to The Most Wanted

These are the most recent additions to the Most Wanted List. Please look at the rest of our most wanted to see if you can help us find them.

Wanted by the WV State Police

Name: Angel Bautista
Height: 5-5 Weight: 150
Hair: Black Eyes: Brown
Charge: Sexual Assault

REMARKS: Angel BAUTISTA is wanted for Sexually Assaulting a minor female in Martinsburg, WV. BAUTISTA frequently works for construction companies and may not be legally in the United States. BAUTISTA may have fled to the Florida area

ALL Fugitives should be considered armed and dangerous. Do not attempt to apprehend them yourself, contact local law enforcement.

Information can be reported to the US Marshals Service United Fugitive Apprehension Posse at (304) 267-7179, Attn Deputy Mike Ulrich, or the West Virginia State Police at 304 267-0000 or e-mail tips to


Wanted by the Washington Cty Sheriffs Office (Md)

Name: Dennis Green
Height: 6-1 Weight: 190
Hair: Black Eyes: Brown

Charge: Possession in Excess of 400 Grams Cocaine, Possession of Firearm

REMARKS: Dennis GREEN is wanted by Washington County Sheriffs Office. GREEN fled from officers leaving drugs and firearms behind. GREEN has contacts and family in the Baltimore, MD and Hagerstown, MD areas. If you have any information on GREEN contact law enforcement.

ALL Fugitives should be considered armed and dangerous. Do not attempt to apprehend them yourself, contact local law enforcement.

Information can be reported to the US Marshals Service United Fugitive Apprehension Posse at (304) 267-7179, Attn Deputy Mike Ulrich, or the West Virginia State Police at 304 267-0000 or e-mail tips to

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Bomb Threat Martinsburg High School

On Wednesday, April 9, 2008 at 12:50am, the West Virginia Safe School Hotline contacted local law enforcement in reference to a possible threat of an explosive device being placed in the Martinsburg High School. It was advised from an undisclosed source that several students were heard on the previous day, commenting on placing an explosive device in the Martinsburg High School.

The Martinsburg Police Department responded to the high school, found an unsecured door and then secured the perimeter of the building. School officials at the Martinsburg High School were also contacted and quickly responded to the scene. Contact was also made with the Loudon County Sheriff’s Department and arrangements were made to have trained K-9 bomb sniffing dogs brought to Martinsburg for a search of the high school.

Upon arrival at the Martinsburg High School, a search was conducted by the officers throughout the entire building. At the conclusion of the search at 4:16am, no explosive or suspicious devices were located. It was also determined at that time that no risks or hazards were posed which would require the closing of the Martinsburg High School for this date.

The Martinsburg High School administration provided students with a letter addressing the threat as well as information pertaining to the Safe School Hotline (800-SAFE-WVA) and to contact the Martinsburg Police Department if a student has information concerning this incident. The Martinsburg High School and the Martinsburg Police Department would also like to thank the student who reported the possible threat.
The Martinsburg Police Department is currently investigating the matter. If you or anyone has information regarding the calling in of the bomb threat at the Martinsburg High School, please contact the Martinsburg Police Department at 304-264-2100 or Crime Solvers at 304-267-4999.

Friday, April 4, 2008

DUI, Reckless Driving, Leaving the Scene of an Accident

On Thursday, 4-3-08 at 0018 hrs, Cpl C M Phelps was traveling on N Queen St when he saw a vehicle collision between two cars in the parking lot of a business in the 1200 blk. As Phelps was approaching the area to investigate, one of the vehicles attempted to flee the area. Phelps was able to stop this vehicle and began to question the female driver, Hedy A Henderson.

Phelps learned from the driver of the other vehicle, David Byers, that the other driver and he were boyfriend and girlfriend. They had been involved in a dispute over money. The dispute escalated when Henderson threw her keys at and kicked Byers car. Byers got in his vehicle and was going to leave when Henderson rammed her car into his. Henderson then attempted to flee the scene when Phelps arrived. Phelps placed Henderson under arrest at that time and she was transported to the police station for processing.

While at the Police Station, Phelps was able to determine that Henderson was under the influence of alcohol but Henderson refused to submit to a secondary chemical test to determine her blood alcohol content. Henderson was taken to the Eastern Regional Jail to await arraignment.

Arrested: Hedy A Henderson, 37, of Hanover, Md.Charged with: DUI, Reckless Driving, Leaving the Scene of an Accident.

Warrants pending for Domestic Battery and Destruction of Property.

Drug Arrest

Ptlm C. Williamson of the Martinsburg Police Department ,currently assigned to Martinsburg High School arrested two 17 year old male juveniles on the charge of Truancy and one 18 year old Martinsburg resident on the felony charge of Possession with Intent to Deliver a Controlled Substance (Marijuana).

This incident stems from an investigation conducted by Ptlm. Williamson. He was investigating a report of two high school students skipping class and developed information that they had entered a residence located on Florida Ave. Martinsburg WV.

Ptlm Williamson stepped on the porch of this residence he smelled the strong odor of Marijuana coming from inside the residence. After knocking at the door he was greeted by the resident, Michael Steven James. He asked him where the Marijuana was and he produced a plastic baggie of Marijuana and gave it to Ptlm. Williamson. Ptlm. Wiliamson was granted a verbal consent to search the residence after he was told by this person that there was a small amount of Marijuana still in the residence. The search netted approximately 20 grams of Marijuana with baggies, wrapped marijuana and a scale which is known to be used in the sale of controlled substances.

The two juvenile males were found fleeing from the residence and charged with truancy and later released to their parents. The adult was arrested on said charge and arraigned by a State Magistrate. His bond was set at $25,000 and he was incarcerated in the Eastern Regional Jail in lieu of bond.

Arrested: Michael Steven James DOB 1 3 90 of 1022 Florida Ave. Martinsburg WV (Felony charge of Possession with Intent to Deliver Marijuana).