Thursday, April 24, 2008

Malicious Wounding Arrest

On April 24th 2008 at 11:10 AM Martinsburg Police responded to 110 Centre Street Martinsburg WV for a person who alleged she was struck in the head.

Ptlm. English was able to locate the victim and later make an arrest in regards to this incident.

In a synopsis of the complaint for warrant it alleges that the victim Tammy Snow (Date of birth 11 29 65) (a Martinsburg resident) was located on scene and it was determined that she had been involved in an argument and altercation at Twiggy’s Store located at 110 Centre Street with the owner Glenville Twigg.

She said that her son and Mr. Twigg had been in an argument earlier and that she went to the store to confront him about their argument. She and Mr. Twigg then got into an argument and that a jar of candy was pushed at her and she pushed it back at Mr. Twigg. She said that as she was walking out of the store Mr. Twigg pulled a wooden club from under the counter and started to strike her. She said she was struck twice.

Ptlm. English noted that she was bleeding from the back of her head and had suffered an
open wound to the back of her head, she was transported to Martinsburg City Hospital for treatment.

A store employee and another witness were interviewed by Ptlm. English and Sgt Witt and their statements taken by police in regards to this incident. Ptlm. Rouse photographed the scene and later photographed the victim at the hospital.

Ptlm. English arrested Mr. Twigg at the store and he was transported to the Martinsburg Police Department where he was charged with Malicious Wounding and processed.

It is alleged that he provided Ptlm. English a statement in regards to the incident after he was advised of his Miranda warnings. He said that Mrs. Snow’s son came to his store and was acting hyper as if he was under the influence of something. He said they had an argument and he left. He said that Mrs. Snow then called him on the phone and they had an argument as well. He said a short time later she then came to his store. He said she entered the store and threatened him, she was yelling and swinging her arms around and then struck his counter with her hand. He then picked up his club and hit the counter and told her to leave his store. She continued to yell and act out of control. He then walked around the counter and said that Mrs. Snow struck him. He said he then struck her with the club.

He was later transported to Magistrate Court for arraignment. He was arraigned by Magistrate Sandra Miller and his bond was set at $5,000 personal recognizance.

Arrested: Glenville Lewis Twigg DOB 11 28 45 listing an address of 110 N. Centre Street Martinsburg WV.

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