Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Drug Arrest - Marijuana Growing

On June 24, 2008 Officers D. L. English and Cpl. J. E. Darby responded to the 100 block of South High Street to investigate a complaint of an individual growing marijuana. The Officers walked along the back of the 100 block of South High Street and located a residence that matched the description given of the location. The Officers observed marijuana plants in plain view in the back yard of the residence at 126 South High Street.

A male individual, subsequently identified as Lance Wade Cole, Jr., 37, of the aforementioned address, saw the Officers and began to collect the plants and take them inside the residence. The Officers approached Cole and informed him of the nature of the investigation. Cole at first denied the allegation, but granted the Officers consent to enter the residence to seize the marijuana. Nine marijuana plants were seized from the basement. An additional nine plants were seized from the back yard. Cole advised he was growing the plants for personal use. He additionally stated he was tired of paying so much to buy marijuana.

Cole was arrested and incarcerated in the Eastern Regional Jail to await arraignment by a Berkeley County Magistrate on the felony charge of Manufacturing a Controlled Substance.

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