Monday, October 27, 2008

Poss with the Intent to Deliver

On October 24th 2008 at 6:00 PM Martinsburg Police arrested an individual on the charges of possession with intent to deliver a controlled substance for (Heroin) and (Crack cocaine). This arrest took place in the area of West Burke Street and Tuskegee Ave, Martinsburg WV.

It is alleged in the complaint for warrants that Ptlm. D. English of the Martinsburg Police Department performed a traffic stop for a windshield obstruction and for failure to stop at a stop sign. After an initial contact with the driver, Ptlm. English asked and was given consent to search the driver and his vehicle. It is alleged that a small amount of Marijuana was located in the vehicle and the driver was then arrested and transported to the police department.

Once at the police department sixteen (16) packages of suspected Heroin were located on the defendant along with five (5) individual packages of suspected crack cocaine. The heroin had a weight of approximately 5.9 grams and the crack cocaine had a weight of approximately 1.9 grams.

The defendant was then charged with the two felonies of possession with intent to deliver Heroin and Crack cocaine. The defendant was processed at the Martinsburg Police Department and later incarcerated in the Eastern Regional Jail awaiting arraignment by a State Magistrate.

Nicholas Wayne Deminds
DOB 07 06 88
Listed address of 163 Spreading Oak Drive Martinsburg WV

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