Friday, March 6, 2009

Kidnapping / Sexual Assault Arrest

On 03/05/09 Patrolwoman Barrett of the Martinsburg Police Department arrested Russell Coates on charges of Kidnapping and 1st Degree Sexual Assault, from an incident occurring on 03/04/09. It is alleged that on the previous day, that an 18 year old female had entered Mr. Coates’ residence located at 621 Virginia Avenue, Martinsburg WV and was held against her will for several hours. During the several hours, it is alleged that sexual acts were forced upon the victim. The female eventually managed to leave the residence and went to City Hospital for treatment, where police were notified.

Patrolwoman Barrett was able to gather information from the victim regarding the allegations and was able to obtain the aforementioned warrants of arrest for Mr. Coates. On this date, officers from the Martinsburg Police Department also executed a search warrant at Mr. Coates’ residence, 621 Virginia Avenue and were able to locate him in the residence. Initially Mr. Coates would not answer the door, which resulted in a forced entry style search warrant.

Mr. Coates was arrested on the charges and was arraigned by a Berkeley County Magistrate.

Russell Coates
DOB: 2/24/58
621 Virginia Avenue, Mtsb WV 25401

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