Friday, July 31, 2009

Burglary Arrest

On Friday, 7-31-09 at 12:46 AM, Cpl C M Phelps went to the 200 blk of W Race St to help Sgt Ruppenthal who was flagged down by a screaming woman. Phelps arrived and saw two groups of people standing outside. .

Phelps spoke with and identified two of the people as Samantha Riggs and Elvis Artis. Both Riggs and Artis said they were in bed at 222 W Race St when William Pennington entered the house through the unlocked front door and came into the bedroom and began to fight with them. Both Riggs and Artis were assaulted during this confrontation. The fight spilled out into the street and Riggs flagged down Sgt Ruppenthal as he was passing by.
Pennington said that he was lured to the house with the sole purpose of Artis or some other individual assaulting him. He said he never made it into the residence and was assaulted on the sidewalk prior to making it into the house. Once he was arrested and transported to the police station Phelps advised Pennington of his Miranda Rights . Once he was advised of his rights Pennington again told his story but this time he said he was assaulted once he was inside of the residence at 222 W Race St. Pennington was intoxicated while dealing with him.

Phelps spoke with Riggs and she said she and Pennington were ex-boyfriend-girlfriend. The crime that he committed inside of the residence was domestic battery and battery. A No Trespassing Notice had previously been issued to Pennington on 6-23-09.

Arrested: William M Pennington, 35, of Inwood, WV
Charged with Burglary.

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