Thursday, May 6, 2010

Juvenile with Handgun Arrested

On Thursday, May 06, 2010, the administration at South Middle School contacted the Martinsburg Police Department in regards to information they had received regarding a 14 year old student. The information that was received, alleged that the 14 year old juvenile had shown a handgun at a residence on the previous date and had made statements regarding brining it to school to resolve matters with students who were picking on him. Upon hearing the information, the administration contacted the Martinsburg City Police and then removed the student from class. A search was then conducted of the student’s personal effects and no firearms were located.

Officers from the Martinsburg Police Department then responded to the juvenile’s residence and conducted a search, which yielded a .22 caliber handgun and ammunition under his bedroom mattress.

As a result of the firearm being located, the juvenile was charged with being a Minor in Possession of a Deadly Weapon and was subsequently detained at the Vickie Douglas Center, per the request of the Berkeley County Prosecutor’s Office.

Due to the immediate response by both the administration at South Middle School and the Martinsburg Police Department, a potential dangerous situation was resolved.

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