Friday, July 1, 2011

Man struck by train. DOA

      On July 1, 2011 emergency service personnel were dispatched to the train tracks located east of Water st and just south of the East Burke St underpass. It was dispatched that a subject had been struck by a train. Sgt D. Ruppenthal was dispatched to this area and was assisted by other officers and emergency personnel.

      Upon arrival the subject was found lying on the side of the tracks. The Medical Examiner was contacted and the subject was pronounced dead on scene.

     Representatives from CSX were also present and conducted investigation in cooperation with this agency.

      It was found through investigation that the subject, who was struck, was walking on the tracks with his back to the train. The engineer stated that he blew his horn numerous times to get the subjects attention. He further stated that the subject, who was in the middle of the tracks, moved just to the left of the rail but was not clear of the train. He was struck.

     The train conductor also gave statement that matched the statement of the engineer. He (the Conductor) further stated that when the subject moved to the left of the track, he stood to the side and covered his ears. His back was to the train and he was struck. 
     The cause of death has been determined as multiple blunt force traumas and is listed as accidental based on the ruling of the Medical Examiners on scene, C. Shirley and D. Shirley. A toxicology exam will also be conducted, per the ME’s.

     The subject has been identified as a Mr. Mark A. Gagnon (DOB 11/29/52).The investigation has revealed a listed address of 109 Koncer Dr apt 8  in Martinsburg WV.  Next of Kin was contacted by this agency, with the assistance of the Frederick County MD Sheriff’s Department. 

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