Friday, December 30, 2011

Armed Robbery

       On 12/9/11 at 350 AM Ptlwm. Shanna Spiker was flagged down by a woman waving frantically that she had just been robbed by a black male wearing a halloween mask and her purse was stolen as she was going to her vehicle. This occurred just outside of the Oriole’s 313 club on S. Foxcroft Ave. The victim had just closed the business and had not seen anyone outside so she went to her vehicle and was surprised by the suspect. He threatened that he had a handgun so she turned over her purse to him.
       Ptlwm. Spiker had just prior to the robbery saw a vehicle sitting in the parking lot of the Martinsburg Mall and was going to check the vehicle when she was flagged down by the victim. Ptlwm. Spiker saw the suspect run from the area and then the same vehicle that she was going to check out came from around the mall with its lights off and leave the area going up Foxcroft Ave. Ptlwm. Spiker gave out by radio what was occurring and other officers arrived and gave assistance. A look out was given on the vehicle that was seen leaving the area to the Berkeley County Sheriffs Office and the WV State Police. Officers found the belongings of the victim behind the building and all of her property including the money stolen was returned to her. The mask and clothing of the suspect was also found in close proximity to the stolen property.
       A few minutes later Deputy Shetley of the Berkeley County Sheriffs Dept saw a vehicle matching the description of the look out vehicle which was a light green Hyundai Santa Fe. Shetley followed the vehicle to Exit 8 on I-81 and the vehicle got off the interstate and then right back on and was heading back toward Martinsburg. The vehicle strated to get off at Exit 13 and then got right back onto the interstate again. A traffic stop was then initiated on the vehicle and it stopped.
        The vehicle was driven by Daisy Ogilvie Age 21 of Front Royal Va. Through investigation and statements obtained it was learned that Ogilvie picked up the suspect in Martinsburg and took him to the area of the mall where she waited for him and then he came back to the vehicle with a gun in his hand and she fled the area at a high rate of speed. He was not wearing the clothing that he left the vehicle in. After fleeing the area the suspect got out of the vehicle in the area of Viking Way and ran from the area. Ogilvie then went to the Sheetz store and then drove toward Va where she was spotted by Deputy Shetley. Since Ogilvie did not in any way try to call the Police to say what had happened, she acted in concert with the suspect. She took him to the area of the mall for the purpose of committing a robbery and then waited on him to aid him in his escape from the area.
       Ogilvie is being charged with Armed Robbery and Conspiracy to commit Armed Robbery.

    Mr. Tavares T. Rascoe (DOB 5/30/83) was arrested without incident in Martinsburg WV. He was processed by Ptlm Shelton and has been transported to the Berkeley County Magistrate courthouse for arraignment.

       Mr. Rascoe has been arrested in connection with the Armed Robbery from early this morning in the area of Foxcroft Ave. He has been identified by this agency as the individual who was wearing the mask and clothing, which was also located by our officers.

     Mr. Rascoe has been charged with both the WV State charges of Armed Robbery and Conspiracy to Commit Armed Robbery. His accomplice, a Ms. Daisy Ogilvie, was previously arrested on this morning. At the time of this press release she is in the custody of the Eastern Regional Jail.              

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