Friday, May 2, 2008

Drug Arrest Made

On Thursday May 1st, 2008, at 2:18 AM, Martinsburg Police Officers D. English and A. Garcia approached a person in the 300 Block of Porter Ave when he was failing to use the side walk. During the investigation officers could detect the odor of an alcoholic beverage on the persons breath and that his speech was slurred. It is alleged that he also obstructed the officers during their investigation and he was arrested for public intoxication and obstructing an officer.

A knife was located on his person which had what appeared to be Crack cocaine residue on the blade. At the police department a plastic tube was located on his person which contained a powdery substance which field tested positive for heroin. Also located was a clear plastic baggie with the corners cut out of it.

It is alleged that the defendant made several threats that he was going to shoot police officers from this department and that all officers needed to watch their backs. He also advised that he had access to guns and when he was back on the street he would use them.
He also advised that he had swallowed 12 bags of crack and 4 bags of Heroin before his encounter with the police and that he requested medical attention.

The suspect was taken to the Martinsburg City Hospital where he received treatment for his alleged ingestion of controlled substances. An officer was stationed with this subject while at the hospital and a search warrant was obtained and executed for investigative purposes and for medical records on the defendant while he was at the hospital.

On May 2nd the defendant was released from the hospital and immediately taken into custody by the police and arrested on several felony charges.

Arrested: Terry Dwayne Johnson DOB 11/25/74 listing no fixed address.
Charges: Possession with intent to deliver crack cocaine, Possession with intent to deliver Heroin, and Threats of terrorist acts.

He was arraigned by a State Magistrate and he was incarcerated in the Eastern Regional Jail in lieu of bond awaiting further court proceedings.

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