Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Alcohol Compliance Checks

On Thursday, May 12th and Friday, May 13th, the Martinsburg Police Department and the Alcoholic Beverage Commission conducted alcohol compliance checks at area businesses utilizing a minor under the age of 21.   The alcohol compliance checks were paid for by the United Way through a substance abuse grant.  In total, 21 businesses were checked for alcohol compliance and 14 were found to be in violation.  Clerks who sold alcohol to minors were cited for Unlawful Sale of Alcohol by Alcoholic Liquor Licensee, a violation of Martinsburg Municipal code 521.04(d)(1)A.  If convicted, persons found guilty are subject to a fine not more than $500, or imprisonment not more than 30 days or both. 

The businesses found to be compliant and non-compliant are listed below.  Persons cited for being in violation are also listed with the businesses.


Peppers News Stand (200 block of N. Queen St.)- Sherry Nalley
Lupitas- (100 block of N. Queen St.)- Guadalupe Bustillos
Berkeley News (100 block of N. Queen St.)- Donna-Sue Prahl
Martins Grocery (900 Foxcroft Ave)- Phyllis Coleman
Rocs (900 block Winchester Ave)- Melissa Myers
7-11 Store (King/Winchester Ave)- Norma Smith
7-11 Store (900 block of N. Queen St.)- Charmone Myers
7-11 Store (Moler Ave.) – Frances Breen
Crown Gas (Edwin Miller Blvd)- Radha Krishna Vavilala
Rite Aid (600 block of Winchester Ave)- Waunita Bennett
Crowell’s (700 block of N. Queen St.)- Betty Lehmaster
Bob’s Carry Out (100 block of N. Raleigh St)- Mary Herr
Walgreens Pharmacy (Edwin Miller Blvd)- Justin Conner
Food Lion (Old Courthouse Square)- Jessica Coulson


Rocs (Foxcroft Ave)
Crown Gas (1100 block N. Queen St.)
Weis Grocery (1000 block of N. Queen St.)
CVS (Edwin Miller Blvd)
Caribbean Market (300 block N. High St.)
Wal-Mart (800 Foxcroft Ave)
Sheetz (1600 block of W. King St.)

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