Monday, May 2, 2011

Robbery / Malicious Wounding

Officers responded to the 100 block of E Race Street in the parking lot of Union Sales Dodge for a person being attacked by several people.  Officers arrived and found the victim had been struck in the face and he had several lacerations in which he was bleeding from. The victim had been stabbed in the upper portion of his back. He was unaware of this wound as he was struck and kicked several times.  The folding knife what was used in this attack was found at the scene by officers.

This call began over the alleged molesting of a small child. During this the victim was stabbed and his cell phone was taken by the persons involved in this altercation as they left. The stolen cell phone was located by officers in possession of  Rodney Edwards after receiving this phone from Tina M. Ernst.   Edwards and Ernst were arrested for Receiving and Transferring stolen property. 
Rodney Edwards
Tina Ernst


Arrested in connection to the Malicious Wounding and the 1st Degree Robbery: Devon Fletcher 24 years old 311 N Maple Ave Martinsburg. 

Devon Fletcher

Brandon Ballard 32 years old 311 N. Maple Ave Martinsburg.  
This was for the injuries to the victim as a result of this altercation. 
Brandon Ballard

All 4 persons are awaiting arrangement at the Eastern Regional Jail in Martinsburg.

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