Friday, May 29, 2009

More arrests in auto scam

On May 27, 2009, Ptlm. E. Gibbons of the Martinsburg City Police Department arrested Aaron T. Hudson on two counts of obtaining money by false pretense. The warrants were signed by Berkeley County Magistrate W. R. Smith and Berkeley County Magistrate J. Overington. Mr. Hudson is currently incarcerated at the Eastern Regional Jail and is awaiting arraignment on the two charges.

The incidents that led to the charges both occurred in the parking lot of the Martinsburg Mall. One incident occurred on May 10, 2009 were Mr. Hudson stated he could fix the victim’s vehicle for $200.00. The victim stated she only gave Mr. Hudson $120.00 for the alleged repair and the victim added she did not witness Mr. Hudson do anything to her vehicle nor did he have any tools with him.

The second incident occurred on May 13, 2009 were Mr. Hudson again approached a female victim and told her he noticed something wrong with her vehicle as she was pulling into the parking lot. Mr. Hudson told the victim he worked at a local auto parts store and could get the part for half of the price. Mr. Hudson told the victim the part would normally cost $80.00 but he could get it for $40.00. The female victim drove Mr. Hudson to the parts store where Mr. Hudson went inside. The victim stated when Mr. Hudson came out of the store she did not see any kind of parts that were supposed to have been purchased. The victim eventually purchased Mr. Hudson a pack of cigarettes and gave him $40.00 for the part he allegedly bought and fixed her car with.

These two cases were investigated by Ptlm. L. Ruffner and Ptlm. M. Bettis of the Martinsburg Police Department.

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